Be safe: do your homework and get the right footwear for the job

Safety boots are manufactured in order to protect men's feet from danger whilst working in what could potentially be a hazardous environment. Some safety boots are worn as a fashion statement but more often than not, they are purchased in order to protect the man's feet from damage. These types of boots come with a rubber non-slip sole, are non-metallic, are made from lightweight materials and are padded around the ankle for comfort or in areas where the shoe might put undue force upon the foot or leg.

Men's safety boots come in the form of:

  • Dress boots
  • Water-proof safety boots
  • Insulated boots
  • Work boots
  • Rigger boots
  • Field boots
  • Safety boots

Most safety footwear is built with many factors in mind such as adequate protection - steel toe-caps, ventilation - making them breathable, water-proof - to stop moisture from getting inside the boot, usage - laces so the foot is held in place, comfortable, and supported and comfort when worn - being soft on the inside.

It is essential that every workman has a pair of boots that can stand up to dangerous or uncertain terrain. Spillages such as oil and other liquids can cause accidents by slipping so making a small change in your footwear could save you from having a nasty accident. To help you make a change in your footwear we stock very reasonably priced makes of work boots and shoes such as Groundwork and Earth works and many of our safety footwear comes in a choice of different colours from black, brown, grey and tan to nubuck.

At Shoe Zone, we offer many different types of work boots. Some are trainer type shoes: some are ankle-length boots and others such as the rigger boots, sit higher up the leg for more protection. Whichever type of boot you choose, we can guarantee that you will be getting great value for your money with prices starting at as little as £19.99 and being as high as £29.99 which includes our leather variety of boots.

This is a small investment to make for guaranteed protection!