Boys Canvas Sandals

Every boy, no matter what their age, needs a pair of canvas sandals to get them through the summer months! They have some great benefits over regular summer shoes, such as: they will keep his feet cool and allow them to breath and they can be popped in the washing machine if they are beginning to look a bit grubby.

The greatest thing about canvas sandals is that they give your son’s feet a lot of freedom to move around whilst he is walking, for they are soft and durable.

Our canvas shoes consist of neutral colours, bold colours and many different fastening types and styles: why not take a look?

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Canvas Sandals for your Little Boy

We all know that boys enjoy rough and tumble play times! It is only natural for boys to also get soaking wet muddy or up to “no good” whilst they are playing. For this reason we have created a range of boys' canvas sandals that will withstand all of that rough and tumble play. Our canvas shoes are hard-wearing and versatile so not only can your little one wear them day in and day out but he can wear them with any number of different outfits.

Many of our canvas boy's sandals have Velcro fastenings which makes it easy for them to simply slip their shoes on and head out of the door with their friends either at the weekends or after school and guess what? They won’t have to ask you for any help with those pesky laces! Not only are they learning to be more independent but they are having fun at the same time.

If you are heading on a family holiday this year be prepared and take a pair of these trendy canvas shoes with you. They are so light that they will keep your baggage allowance down and they will come in handy for nearly all holiday activities such as: exploring beaches spending time around the pool and trips out to restaurants in the evenings!