Bring on the snow!

The nights are drawing in; the weather is getting colder and bonfire night is just around the corner.

All over the UK, women are digging out their winter woollies; going on long exciting shopping trips for a new winter wardrobe and are frantically searching for those perfect winter snow boots.

At Shoe Zone, we can certainly contribute towards your individual winter image. We have a large range of snow boots for women in store and on-line and up-on looking you will find that not only are these boots great for the snow but they are also excellent at keeping your feet warm and dry in other weather conditions such as rain and sleet.

If you are searching for that key piece for your feet this year then look no further! Here are some of the boots that we currently have in stock that will look great with leggings, jeans, jeggings and even joggers, if you dare:

  • Pull on Snow Boot with faux Fur trim - these come in black, bronze and silver. They are super trendy and "cosmic" looking. You can be sure that none of your friends will look as cool as you do when wearing these to a snow-ball fight; but best of all, they are a real deal as they will cost you no more than £8. These boots come in sizes 3 to 8.
  • Hobos Calf Snow Boots - these are available in brown and black. They have a faux fur collar. They are water-repellent; have a practical velcro fastening side strip and more importantly, you can be sure that your feet will stay firmly on the ground with the thick hard grip sole. These boots are a "web exclusive"; so get browsing!
  • Gino Ventori - it's all in the name! These are the ultimate "must have" boots for 2012. They are stunning to look at with their striking new-age sole, funky laces (which climb up the front of the boot) and faux fur collar which beautifully cascades down the sides of the boot in-between the laces to give a true Eskimo feel to any outfit. Save money in other areas and these beauties could be yours at just £39.99. We of course, think they are worth every penny and we know you won't be separated from them all winter long. They come in either cream and grey or red.
  • Hi-Tec Women's Waterproof Black Snow Boot - these practical hard wearing boots come in sizes 4 to 9. So, if you have slightly bigger feet, then you can still walk away with a pair of snow boots and you can be sure that your feet will be staying dry this winter. They are very attractive with "pom-pom" detailing to the front and have a hard sole for those slippery surfaces, such as ice.

So whatever your taste, or what ever your style, here at Shoe Zone, we have the perfect winter boots for you and don't forget that not only are these boots great for the winter months but you may find yourself wearing them through spring and autumn too!

Deals and stock does change regularly; so if you can't find what you were hoping for don't be disheartened because we will definitely have something as equally good or even better.