Caring for Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are gorgeous and are definitely worth caring for to ensure they keep that gorgeousness you fell in love with for as long as possible. Never try to polish suede shoes. Instead use a suede protector product and apply before you wear them for the first time. The suede protector is a silicon-based aerosol spray which covers the shoe with a veneer of protection against rain, snow, slush etc. When the shoes have been sprayed they should be set aside to dry naturally - keep them away from radiators and fires. Never use a hairdryer on suede shoes as this will most certainly cause the suede material to crack and pucker, irreversibly damaging your brand new suede shoes.

When the suede protector is dry the shoes can be worn, although it has to be said that while the protector does offer excellent protection against elements, it is not recommended to wear suede footwear with six inches of snow on the ground or during a heavy rain shower. Should you find a stubborn watermark on your suede shoes which just won't go away, invest in a suede brush. By gently brushing against the grain of the material, you can raise and restore the nap of the leather. The ideal suede brush is small with hard, steel bristles.

Avoid using solvents and chemicals to clean suede shoes as this may well result in the colour fading. If your suede shoes are marked with grease or oil, it is recommended that they are taken to a specialist for cleaning.