Mens Espadrille Sandals

Mens Espadrille Sandals

The Espadrille may be hot and in style, but they have actually been around for about 400 years. Everyone can own a pair of Espadrilles and more often than not, they become a first choice of footwear for many when the summer months arrive.

The Espadrille sandals that we stock here at Shoe Zone, are trendy and versatile; allowing you to wear them with a number of outfits and for a number of different occasions. They look just as great with a pair of casual jeans as they do with a pair of swimming shorts; so why not take a look at our outstanding collection and discover everything that an Espadrille can offer through some of the hottest temperatures.

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Men's Espadrille Sandals

Originating from Spanish quarters, the Espadrille was first worn by the King of Aragon and his men more than 400 years ago. The name “Espadrille” was derived from the word “esparto” which is the name for a type of plant that was burned and braided in order to make the shoe all those years ago.

Originally the Espadrille was only worn by men, but as time went by, they were adapted (like many things) by designers, dancers and workers around the world. Yves Saint Lauren was the one who made the most drastic change of all in the 1950's (what a legend he is). He added a heel and some ribbons that tied around the ankle, which immediately started an espadrille craze among all women (who craved to be at the top of the style stakes); all of whom were searching for new styles of this comfortable and fashionable summer shoe.

These days, both men and women wear Espadrilles and even children join in! They are popular for a reason and they certainly aren't going anywhere, especially if we have anything to do with it! Despite the Espadrille being quite plain back in the day, all of ours are subtly and classically styled.

We will always strive to make this funky shoe an essential part of your summer wardrobe so why not check out the great selection of men's fabric Espadrilles that we currently have in stock?