Shoes for everyone!

At Shoe Zone, we have a huge selection of shoes for women, men, boys and girls of all ages and style preferences. We aim to cater for every individual no matter what their size which means we have all sorts of styles, colours and designs of footwear in store and on-line for you to choose from.

We stay ahead and on-top of the style stakes to bring you cutting edge designs in all of our footwear even if they are of a classic, comfy design or aimed for people of a more mature age group.

In the women's shoe section we have:

  • Shoes in high, medium and low heel height. We have court shoes, ballet shoes, lace-up, velcro and slip-on shoes all decorated and finished off elegantly/trendy or funky
  • Sandals come in high, medium, low and flat heel height. Our sandals are perfect for occasions such as days by the beach or evenings out on the town. We even have an array of sandals that would look fabulous if worn to a wedding
  • Canvas shoes come in an array of different patterns and colours
  • Boots come in a choice of different heel heights, fastenings and styles from faux fur finish to stud detailing
  • Slippers of all different colours, patterns and designs from pink mule, green check moccasins to grey faux fur bootie slippers
  • Trainers come in a range of colours (pink, black, white) and styles from high-tops to trainer shoes
  • Wellies are available in green, bright colours, crazy eye catching patters and even wide leg fittings

In the women's shoes, we have comfort fitting shoes which are designed to give you that walking on air feeling!

In the men's shoe section we have:

  • Shoes which are suitable for occasions where you are expected to have a smart appearance for example a job interview, wedding or funeral but we also have shoes that are smart/casual so they would look just as great with casual/smart jeans/chinos and even shorts. Men's shoes are available in an assortment of colours such as tan, black, brown, beige, blue and dark grey.
  • Sandals would look great when worn with any summer outfit but we suggest that you always have a pair to one side that you can wear around the house as well. We have a big selection of sandals ranging from sports sandals, closed toe sandals to toe-post sandals and all in an array of earthy colours.
  • Canvas shoes are perfect for beach walks and for lounging around in the garden so whether you choose lace-up, slip-on or vecro, you will have a handy piece of footwear for all year round.
  • Boots are essential if you are searching for a piece of footwear that will keep your feet warm, dry and protected. Here at Shoe Zone, we have many makes of boots for you to choose from including: Hobos, George Oliver, Beckett, Red Tape and Hush Puppies.
  • Trainers are excellent for those of you who run a lot, go to the gym or like to slip on a pair of comfy yet supportive footwear with your jeans or tracksuit bottoms. So come to Shoe Zone and choose from white, black, lace-up or Velcro.
  • Slippers are the most essential "must have" item in your wardrobe, ready to pull out at any moment for lazy days around the house, after getting out of the shower or simply when you get in from a hard day at work. You will be spoilt for choice at Shoe Zone and some of our slippers are so cheap you could buy two pairs.
  • Wellies at Shoe Zone have become a talking point for many because we stock the classic green Wellington boot where as many stores tend to over complicate men's wellies. We don't: we just deliver clean-cut simple and easy to wear Wellington boots just for you.
  • Safety Footwear is essential for many men working on the tools such as builders, plumbers, electricians etc. So to make your job easier, we have provided a selection of amazing good quality work boots all under one roof.

In the kids' section, we have a wide selection from school shoes to boots, sandals, canvas shoes, trainers and Wellington boots. To find out a little more about what mums have to say about our shoes, go to the "Shoe Zone mummy says..." section and read various blogs about our super dooper children's footwear..