What to Look for When Buying School Shoes

School shoes must be four things: comfortable, robust, protective and functional. School kids would add fashionable to that list of four and parents might want to add cheap. So now we have a list of six:

  • Comfortable
  • Robust
  • Protective
  • Functional
  • Fashionable
  • Cheap

To make sure school shoes will be comfortable to wear all day, look at the material of the shoe. Choose an inner material which can absorb moisture and an exterior material that is strong enough to keep the foot dry.

School shoes must be robust if they are to last longer than a fortnight, so make sure the shoes are treated with scruff protection from the onset and are regularly cleaned.

For shoes to remain protective they should fit well, be regularly and properly maintained and stored appropriately. A good rule of thumb when fitting a shoe is to allow 6mm of space above the longest toe.

Functional school shoes must provide comfort when walking, cycling, running and doing the 101 other things every child does during the school day. Ensure the shoes do not have interior stitching that may cause irritation and for the younger child choose shoes with adjustable straps.

Fashionable shoes need not be impractical for school. Select a heel height 3cm or less.

Cheap shoes meeting all of the above criteria can be found in hundreds of school appropriate colours, styles, sizes and width fittings online.