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Add pizzazz and individuality to every outfit you own with a pair of our creeper shoes. Wear them with dresses, skirts, trousers or shorts for a wild, wonderful and high fashion look.

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Women's Creepers

Here are some facts about the creeper shoe:

  • Soldiers based in the deserts would wear a form of creeper shoe (but the soldiers wore them in boot form). The soldiers found them perfect, purely because they had hard wearing crepe rubber soles and were ideal for the environment and climate.

  • Creeper shoes were also known as “brothel creepers”, because when the soldiers left the army and returned home, they would head out to the nightspots of London wearing their crepe soled shoes.

  • Creepers were worn by the “Teddy Boys” in the 1950's with drainpipe trousers, draped jackets, bolo ties, quiffs and pompadour haircuts; along with velvet or electric blue clothing.

  • The creeper became highly popular in the early 1970s; especially when Malcolme Mclaren sold them from his “Let it Rock” shop which was based on London's Kings Road. Along with the help of Vivienne Westwood, these shoes became highly rock orientated and still are to this day.

  • In Norway, the creeper is called a “traktorsko” which means “tractor shoe”.

So as you can see, creepers have come a long way in history; beginning their life as a practical shoe that was worn by soldiers in the war and ending up being a very sought-after fashion item.

Maybe you have never tried a pair of creepers on and fancy giving them a go with a lovely pair of skinny black jeans. Or maybe you are a dedicated creeper wearer and are coming to Shoe Zone to get your next creeper fix. Whatever your reasons for buying a pair of these funky shoes, we are pretty certain that they won't disappoint!