Our Top 3 Size 13 Men’s Shoes

Do you take a larger shoe size? Are you always battling to find the right pair of shoes for the occasion or task? We know exactly how hard it can be to find men’s shoes in a size 13, especially ones that are attractive and suitable for all activities and tasks such as work and walking. Continue reading Our Top 3 Size 13 Men’s Shoes

Wedding Season

Shop Womens Occasion ShoesHey everyone!

I recently received my first wedding invitation for the year – it’s happening, wedding season is upon us again! I think it’s fair to say that dress hunting for a wedding is stressful enough and that’s without considering the shoes, the bag, the jewellery, the make up! (Have I missed anything?!) But fear not, Shoe Zone have a huge range of wedding worthy footwear to finish off your outfit!

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Our Top 3 Size 9 Ladies Shoes

If you find it hard to get shoes that fit because you take a larger shoe size, Shoe Zone can help! We have a selection of shoes in a size 9 which are suitable for all activities and occasions. They are not ugly or clumpy shoes like you might imagine them to be; and like so many can be, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t rely on us to provide you with quality and attractive footwear for the long term. Continue reading Our Top 3 Size 9 Ladies Shoes

Decisions Decisions

Shoe Zone'ista Slipper Shoes
Hey everyone!

This week I think we have all noticed the change in the weather! Finally the country saw some sun, about time right?! For the past few weeks, I have been layering up in jumpers and coats to battle against what feels like the longest winter ever! But now that the sun is making an appearance, I thought that it’s time to update my wardrobe and dust off my summer pieces!

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