The Perfect Holiday Wardrobe

Summer Wedges Hi Shoe Zoners,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! But now that it’s over and all of the Easter chocolate has been finished (that didn’t take me long!), I began to think about what was next to look forward too. With a long and busy 6 months ahead filled with university deadlines, exams, interviews and job hunting, it was time that me and the girls thought we needed something to look forward to!

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Something for the weekend, check out our clutch bags

You may have already heard what the latest fashion is! If not, this is the place to find out. In the world of the celebs would you believe the next big thing is “gloves attached to clutch bags”. Yes you read it right, gloves that come already attached to a lovely evening bag. It does actually make quite a bit of sense (when you look at it from a keeping warm point of view, not that a mere glove would add much warmth but some is better than none when you are exposed to the elements in a tiny dress). This well thought up combination must be worn with the right outfit for the right occasion in order to maintain its popularity and we know it won’t be long before a celeb gets it dreadfully wrong and something else will take it’s place. Continue reading Something for the weekend, check out our clutch bags

Our Top 5 Summer Shoes For Kids

The summer is many peoples’ favourite time of year, especially your children’s, mainly because they get 8 long weeks off from school. This means that they can spend more quality time with their family, play more with their friends; and at some point during the holidays, they may even be taken on holiday by their parents either in the UK or abroad. Continue reading Our Top 5 Summer Shoes For Kids