We LOVE to Party! – By Emma

My two little girls LOVE to party. Whether it is a friend’s birthday party or simply a night in watching Strictly Come Dancing together, my two girls are up on the ‘dancefloor’ strutting their stuff and showing off their outfits. These girl’s party shoes from Shoe Zone add a little sparkle to any event and work perfectly with a party dress or leggings. Continue reading We LOVE to Party! – By Emma

Top Tips for Bargain Hunters

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday you could be forgiven for thinking the best of the Christmas deals were now behind you – think again! Many retailers will be launching their end of year sales around Boxing Day and, if you are not too shopped out, they are a great way to scoop some fantastic bargains!

If the idea of heading out to the shops fills you with dread, then fear not; let the bargains come to you by shopping online! Online shopping can be an easy and effective way to grab some bargains and you can still be within arm’s reach of the Christmas chocolates – perfect! With a half-price sale launching on Christmas Eve, at www.shoezone.com not only can you can snap up some bargains, but you will also find online exclusives that are not available in store.

To be sure you know when your favourite stores are launching their sales, consider signing up to receive their emails. You can expect to receive something weekly or monthly and most often it will be an update on new lines and latest trends. Often, these emails will include discount codes or free delivery offers so if you are a regular online shopper they are worth having. Visit www.shoezone.com and scroll down to sign up to the Shoe Zone email club.

If cabin fever is beginning to set in and you need to get out into the real world, hitting the sales is a great idea and by following a few practical rules you could save yourself £££’s and avoid undue stress. Firstly, leave the kids at home; little ones + busy stores do not make for a happy event so leave them to play with their new toys. Consider meeting up with a friend, shopping in the sales can lead us to buy things simply because they are reduced and they remain unworn in the bottom of the wardrobe. An honest friend could help you avoid these fashion disasters.

If possible, aim to set off early, that way you should have no problem parking and will get your pick of the sale items. Think also about what you wear, aim to dress in layers, going from the cold street to a warm store can leave you feeling hot and bothered and you’ll find your patience for rummaging through sale items quickly evaporates. Dressing in layers makes it easier to cool down or warm up as need be. Take also a strong bag, a rucksack is ideal as you can pack lots into it and take the weight across your back, leaving your hands free and saving your poor shoulders. Comfortable footwear will also be a big help, those new boots you got for Christmas may look awesome but do you really want to find out they give you blisters while walking around town?

If done properly sale shopping need not be a frivolous treat but a great way to save money for the rest of the year. Many canny shoppers use the end of year sales as an opportunity to stock up on gifts and essentials such as wrapping paper and Christmas cards for next year. Before you set off, make a list of everyone you buy birthday gifts for and check them off as you pick items up. If you have children, it is worth grabbing a few discounted toys to cover gifts for any birthday parties they may be invited to.

Thinking ahead also pays when it comes to clothing, summer stock is likely to be heavy discounted so stock up on the next age up for your children. Basics such as shorts, t-shirts and swimwear never go out of style so check your wardrobe before you go and try to fill any gaps ahead of summer. If you find yourself regularly replacing your children’s footwear, buying the next size up and storing away for when their feet grow, will save you cash and means no more panic buying when you realise their school shoes no longer fit!

And finally, remember sale shopping can be fun so make a day of it by stopping for a bite to eat and to recharge your batteries – your feet will thank you for it.

Knee High Boots, the essential Winter footwear – By Wendy

Womens Knee High Boot A good pair of knee high boots is a must have accessory for the winter season. The Lilley Knee High Black Boot with Faux Shearling from Shoezone is a fashionable boot that is great value for money.

The leather look upper has a silver strap and buckle feature to the bottom.  There is an inner side zip running  along the bottom half of the boot to the foot, which makes it easy to get them on and off.  Another zip runs down the top of the boot for decorative purposes.  The top opens up enough to allow the collar to be turned down to show the inner grey faux fur lining, for a completely different look.  The lining of the boots is so cosy and warm, perfect for the colder weather. The sole has good tread and a small heel, so they will be a safe option when out walking in the winter.

I am really impressed with the style and comfort of these boots and the £24.99 price tag makes them an ideal choice.  With the two different looks in one, they are really versatile too.

By Wendy McDonald