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40 Netmums signed up to put our products to the test. They were each given a £40 to spend either online or in store with us. Here is a selection of the lovely comments they had to say…..

“It is good value and they have a good choice, in fact I have already told my friends.” (Sarah D)

“My youngest daughter has joint hypermobility and problems with her feet, she has to have surgical insoles made to fit into her footwear and usually in cheaper shoes it can be a problem getting them to fit, in the shoes I bought her there was no problem!

I’d recommend the shopping online as you even get free delivery and its quick delivery too…I ordered over the bank holiday weekend and they were here by Wednesday!” (Samantha B)

“There were so many shoes it was hard to pick just one pair we wanted!! I suspect I’ll be going back in the next week or so for others!!” (Charlotte)

“I think Shoe Zone is excellent value for money, for £40 we got 6 pairs of shoes!! The thing that stands out as value for money though is the quality, I always assumed that the shoes would not last a day as they were so cheap but they are made to a high standard.

I have to just add that the customer service at the Worthing store was excellent, the staff were all very friendly and chatted to the children and were very helpful.” (Sarah R)

“Very good value considering the price. As children’s feet grow so quickly, Shoe Zone shoes are ideal.” (Versha)

“In the future I will definitely be shopping for the whole family in Shoe Zone again. Me and my husband were very surprised that a £40 voucher went so far. We were sceptical but were proved wrong quite happily.” (Sarah G)

“My husband mentioned that when he shopped for his shoes he did use the customers reviews to select his pair which he found was a good service.

…I did however really like the fact that there is free delivery as this really sways me when buying online.” (Samantha C)

“There was a good range of shoes available. I love that they sell plimsolls so cheaply – £2.50, and they fit as well as any purchased from Clarks/John Lewis which are often over £10 a pair and do the exact same job!” (Amy)

“It is definitely good value for money, I got 4 pairs of shoes/trainers for £40.96 and that is a bargain especially for children’s shoes.” (Emma)

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