A visit to store – by Tracy

This review was exciting as we were given the opportunity to go shoe shopping in a store rather than online; something we rarely do these days. I decided that it would be nice if I got my husband involved in the review, so he went along to a Shoe Zone store to treat himself for a change.

Here is what he thought of the overall shopping experience, and the shoes that he chose:

“Rarely do I get new shoes. They can be expensive because I need good quality ones as most of my day is spent standing or rushing around.

When my wife said I could use a review voucher to go and see what I thought of Shoe Zone I was chuffed, if a little sceptical that I would find anything suitable. If I’m honest, it had been a few years since I was in a Shoe Zone store and I don’t recall the choice being too great (harsh, but true.)

Well, what a difference a few years makes! As you can see from the photo’s, the store was immaculate. I use that word very rarely being in retail myself, but it is absolutely deserved.

Shoe Zone StoreThe store was bright, clean – inside and out; looked freshly decorated and the displays were amazingly neat and tidy and just looked really good.

It was lovely the second I walked into the store – I got a “hello” and “good morning” from the staff member, which is disgustingly rare in most retailers these days. I can’t give credit where it is due as both staff were not wearing name badges, which I did think was strange but this may be company standard.

I selected two pairs of boots; one smart for work, and the other more casual. I have been mightily impressed by their quality and comfort. I have had numerous comments asking me where I got them and how different it was to see me in laceless boots.

George Oliver BootThe first pair I picked out were the George Oliver Mens Leather Ankle Boot to wear at work. They were reduced at £19.99 instead of £24.99 which I think is incredible value for money. They look really good on, and I have had so many comments about them. People were surprised when I told them they were from Shoe Zone as they look more expensive.

Earth Works BootThe second pair were the Earth Works Mens Lace Up Ankle Boot in Grey which were just £12.99! Amazing! They are well made, and are very strong and sturdy. I wanted these for when I was working outside in the garden but they are also smart enough to wear everyday.

All in all, I am incredibly impressed with Shoe Zone. If you’ve never considered shopping there before, drop into your local store – you will be surprised!”

By Tracy

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