Be Sale Savvy – The ShoeZone’ista Way!

How to be Sale Savvy!Hey guys,

It barely feels like we have had our Summer and the sales have already started in force! It can be so easy to just dive in head first and buy every bargain under the sun, I know I’ve done that before! But after looking at my bursting wardrobe and realising that I didn’t actually need that 8th pair of boots or that stripy dress that was three sizes too big, I thought about how to get the most out of the Summer sales and buy only what I really wanted. And most importantly, needed!

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Let’s Get Running

Let's Get Running Hi again Shoe Zoners!

I’ve recently been to watch a friend of mine run a Half Marathon to raise money for charity. Yes that’s 10K, I didn’t believe her when she first told me she was doing it! After months of training hard, she completed the whole thing in 1 hour 5 minutes! I was so proud when I saw her cross the finish line looking as red as a tomato! Good on her!

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