Autumn Ankle Boots

Click here to shop boys bootsA gorgeous pair of boots perfect for any little tree climbers or mini action lads. The boots were very sturdy and held well around the ankles, they were a little difficult for Harvey to get on at first and needed a bit of practice but he is only 3 and got there in the end.

The style is very on trend, the boots are smart and they also went well with his army outfit which is just what we were looking for. The tops of the boots clean easily with a damp cloth but the white rubber soles needed a bit of a scrub to get the grass and mud stains off after a while.

They survived a walk in the morning on wet grass without letting any water in and as long as Harvey’s feet don’t grow, I can see these lasting for a long time!

So at just under £20 these are a bargain for great quality boots.

By Kerry

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