Ballerina Shoes

Both women and young girls love ballerina shoes. It is very rare to see a family home that doesn’t have a pair lurking either at the front door or somewhere else in the house after having been kicked off on the way in. They act as a staple piece of footwear to many women and girls all over the world, which is mainly because they look elegant, feel comfortable on the feet and can be worn with almost every item of commonly-worn clothing including: jeans, skirts, leggings and jeggings.

Ballerina shoes are available in a huge array of colours and style, sizes and variations, so it is important to ensure that you look around and pick the right pair. You should ideally choose a pair of pumps that will match the majority of your clothing and that will fit comfortably. This is especially important if you are buying for your daughter. If you think that you or your daughter may benefit from more than one pair of these versatile and reasonably priced pairs of shoes, you could always purchase a couple of pairs for various occasions.

Here at Shoe Zone, there are certainly a great deal of ballerinas to choose from, in both the women’s and the girls ranges. Here are the ones that we think you will love to have as part of your essential wardrobe collection this season:

1. Walkright Girls Silver Sparkle Ballerina Pump – these are funky, girly and on-trend. They will look amazing when worn for a party or similar occasion and will look equally as great if worn in the day with some casual leggings. If you fancy getting two pairs because you love them so much, why not purchase the same ones but in black? The only difference is that the bow at the front of the shoe is slightly different in the black pair; which makes them unique and stylish.

2. Lilley Girls Black Ballerina Stud Shoe – these will make great school shoes because they are smart and easy to keep clean but they look just as lovely when worn with jeans or a skirt at the weekend. For easy fastening they have velcro across the bridge of the foot which means she won’t have to struggle with laces when all she wants to do is play with her friends.

3. Lilley Women’s Multi-Coloured Stripy Ballerina Pump – if you are looking for a pump that is summery and versatile, then this is the one for you! They are elegant, stylish and different to many of the shoes that are on the shelves this season. These multi-coloured pumps will look beautiful with some light-coloured skinny jeans, but will look equally nice if worn with an elegant floaty dress in the height of the summer.

4. Lilley Women’s Leopard Print Ballerina with Bow – are you a lover of animal print? Do you love to be different and are you crazy about having the most stylish look of 2013? If you answered “yes” to those few questions, these are by far the best shoe choice for you. The black fabric at the front of the shoe will add some much needed pezazz to any of your outfits, whereas the leopard print body of the shoe helps to retain that much sought after funky image.

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