Boys Mr Bump slippers reviewed by Lucy

Click here to view this productThese are a really fun design for little ones. Bright and colourful, they look adorable on my son’s feet. 

The outer lining is padded, so they almost look like the rounded shape of Mr Bump himself. This also makes them warm and cosy, and the insoles are cushioned too, which must make them feel lovely on – I’d like a pair myself…

The Velcro strap makes them easy to put on and ensures they stay on his feet while he’s playing, unlike other slippers that tend to come off easily (he also likes to pull slippers off, so the Velcro makes them more secure). There’s a grip on the sole too, which I like, as often slippers can be too soft and slippy for toddlers who like to run about the house. It makes them more hard wearing for kids on the go.

These would make a lovely stocking filler or birthday present, especially if your little one is a Mr Men fan.

By Lucy.

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