Boys Sandals

Sandals should be a staple part of every boy’s summer wardrobe, especially since they can be worn with every outfit. Many people will try and make their boys’ sandals last for more than one year to avoid constant expenditure; but this is hard to do when their feet grow at such an alarming rate. It is essential that you keep checking to see if his sandals fit in the right places to avoid problems with the growing feet.

Here at Shoe Zone, we stock a vast array of boy’s sandals which are all very reasonably priced, so even if you do find that you have to purchase more than one pair, it won’t break the bank.

Sandals are useful for more than just those summer months of course. They can be worn in and around the house, or for playing in the sand pit and even for messy play, so that their other footwear doesn’t get ruined.

Here at Shoe Zone, we stock sandals that are perfect for the beach, strolling and playing in the park, family outings and even for parties and/or weddings. We know that sometimes our customers struggle to find the perfect pair of sandals that are going to be right for every occasion. So in order to help, we have devised a list (see below) of boys’ sandals that we think are going to be the most popular styles for 2013!

1.¬†Walkright Coated Leather Boys’ Navy Sandals – this particular pair of sandals are suitable for all occasions and activities including play-time, days spent at the beach and they will even look really smart when worn with a pair of chinos for occasions where your little one needs to dress up.

2.¬†Walkright Boys’ Navy Velcro Fasten Canvas Shoe – these are not sandals as such, but they are excellent for everyday wear especially if your little one likes to explore. They are easy to keep clean and will dry quickly if washed. They can be worn with any type of clothing including: shorts, jeans and tracksuit bottoms.

3.¬†Boys’ Navy Closed-toe Sports Sandal – is your son a hiker? Does he love his sports? If so, these are just the type of sandals you should purchase for him. As well as keeping the feet protected from sharp objects and hazardous terrain, they will allow the foot to breathe, keeping him comfortable while he gets on with what he does best.

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