Autumn Fringing- By Laurenella

Fringed Boots Fringing is definitely having a bit of a moment right now – it seems that wherever I look I see bags, shoes, skirts, dresses and all manner of jewellery with hints of fringe or a tassel or two! I love the look, so have added quite a few key pieces to my wardrobe including these gorgeous peep-toe boots.

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Floaty Dresses & Summer Sandals- By Lauren Ella


I love Summer, so it’s a bit of a shame really that there doesn’t seem to have been much of one so far this year! My favourite thing is when it just gets warm enough that you can get rid of your drawer of opaque tights and wear pretty dresses with sandals all day, everyday.

This beautiful pair are my current favourites. I absolutely adore that they are tan, as it means that they go with absolutely everything. Plus, there’s just something a bit more summery about tan than there is about black, don’t you think?

Gladiator Sandals

There was a rare moment of sunshine in Edinburgh last weekend, so I couldn’t wait to pair my sandals with a brand new floaty dress and a hint of denim. I love that the intricate crossover effect on the sandals make them really stand out – you almost don’t need any other accessories! Just a pair of sunnies, and maybe an ice-cream or two…

Lauren xo

The key to getting it right this season is layering – By Sheena

Hi ShoeZoners!

Now I’m not sure about you, but I find that this time of year can be the most difficult to dress for! When the sun finally does make an appearance it can be very deceptive – definitely not the time for shorts and sandals yet unfortunately! Continue reading The key to getting it right this season is layering – By Sheena