Think dungarees belong back in your childhood? Think again!

Hi Shoe Zoners,Styling Dungarees

If I think of dungarees, flashbacks of double denim paired with bunchies whilst running around the garden immediately come to mind! So surely the dungaree trend is best left to our childhoods? However, this season, dungarees have made a super-luxe comeback that will change your mind! Embrace your inner child and find the perfect pair for you. Leave the denim styles for your festival wardrobe and opt for dungarees in new and interesting fabrics. Think florals and pastel shades for the day and leather for the evening if you dare! Continue reading Think dungarees belong back in your childhood? Think again!

Christmas Style

Hi Shoe Zoners,

This week Shoe Zone have launched these cut out ankle boots, so I snapped these up super quickly! The high street is filled with so many different pairs of heeled day boots but I couldn’t find a pair comfortable enough for me. However, this Shoe Zone pair have the perfect heel high that are great for going to work all day and are versatile and flattering too! Just what I was looking for! Continue reading Christmas Style