Chelsea Girl – by Rebecca

Black Chelsea BootI picked these because I have plenty of flat shoes and plenty of knee high boots so wanted something a little different that could suit any type of occasion. Did they disappoint? No, they didn’t!

I have worn these on a general day to day basis but also used them for work meetings and whilst on holiday – they seem to work well paired with a number of different items in my wardrobe and they are comfortable too – as a mum, I am all about the comfort nowadays rather than the heel so these are perfect for me – a slight heel but maximum comfort too.

I love the studded detail as I like to be a little different from the norm if I can. I tended to hang around with the ‘alternative’ crowd at school and like to be a little alternative in my fashion choices if I can too – the studded detail adds a little bit of edge and I have had numerous people stopping me to ask where they are from. For a bargain price, these could be yours too – decent quality and much more affordable than anywhere else…what’s not to love?

By Rebecca

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