Dance in style and don’t let the mud get you down!

It is becoming more and more popular for families to go to festivals such as the V Festival which attracts thousands of people each year and even has a separate part to the camp-site which is designed specifically for families: but of course we know that the good old English weather usually makes it nice and muddy for you all: so much so that you don’t bother taking any footwear other than wellies.

If you want to ensure your feet and your children’s – if you have any – are protected from the mud and rain and even things like broken glass and sharp waste items which can cause your experience to be a bad one – be prepared with a pair of finest Shoe Zone wellies and don’t let anything spoil your enjoyment.

Whether you are heading for the festivals with you mates, as a family with young children or both, make sure you are prepared and advise your company to do the same.

Obviously when you go to a festival, you want to fit right in with the eccentric happenings, loud music and array of colours and personalities which is why we think our range of Wellington boots is just perfect for festival season.

Our women’s and girl’s wellies are bright, bold, funky and eye-catching so as well as having dry, warm feet, you and she (if you have a daughter who goes along) will look the part and feel the part and all you will have to think about is having a great time.

Our women’s wellies are cheap and start at around £12.99 and the girls’ wellies start at around £6.99: so even if you were to ditch them on the way home in favour of something else, you won’t have wasted a penny. We realise that most of you will keep your wellies beyond the festival trip and wear them time and time again, year after year and if this is the case, then Shoe Zone is definitely the right shop for you because our boots are hard wearing, comfortable and durable giving you the best welly experience every time.

For the men, we have the classic practical green wellies. They will keep your feet dry, warm and enable you to party on down regardless of what the weather is doing. The “Dunlop green wellington boots” start at a size 6 and go up to a size 12 and our very own green wellies start at a 7 and go up to a size 12.

If you are looking for those perfect wellies for your son – if you are thinking of taking him along with you – then look no further. He will fall in love with one of our pairs whether it be the pirate print, alien print, camouflage or plain green basic everyday wellies; let him choose his own pair and he will be looking forward to wearing them so much he won’t think twice about being dragged along with mummy and daddy!

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