Don’t dread sandal shopping: your little ones won’t!

Do you struggle to get your kids out of the house when you mention the word shopping? If you do then you certainly won’t have any problems in the future once they have been to Shoe Zone.

After their first trip they will be begging to come back and with such reasonable prices on all of our shoes, you will be looking forward to the trip too. Our reputable sandals here at Shoe Zone are bright, neutral, colourful, comfortable and trendy. We have sandals to suit all ages and foot sizes including ones for the tiny tots, which are attractively patterned with characters such as Peppa Pig.

We always consider the growing and developing feet when our kids’ sandals are designed; so we make sure we pay attention to for example ensuring the foot is provided with the utmost protection and support by including plenty of straps and secure fastenings into the design of the shoe. Our sandals are also very comfortable to wear and many of the styles are padded under foot and have straps that can be adjusted to suit the wearer.

If you have a little girl and she is fascinated with flowers and diamantes, then our collection of Walkright sandals will go down a treat with her and we know just how much little girls love pink which is why we have made sure that this popular colour features in most of the designs. For the older girls, we have a lovely range of sandals in bright fashionable colours; but we also have some in plain and neutral tones as we appreciate that not all little girls like pinks, blues and greens. Some girls prefer to have under-stated footwear so that they can go a little more crazy with their outfits. If this is the case, they will love our Girls Jewel and Bead Trim T-bar sandal in black. They begin at a size 10 and go all the way up to a size 6; so no-one is excluded from this popular style.

For those boisterous boys, we have quite a variety of different sandals available; such as closed-toe, T-bar and clogs. We particularly rate the clogs for the summer months especially if your little monkey likes to jump around in the garden, roll in the sand and spend half of his time splashing around in any water he can find. The clogs are hard wearing and will withstand copious amounts of wear and tear and any debris that is acquired from his adventures; such as stuck on mud or drippy ice cream, will simply wash off under the tap with a bit of soap if needed. Then you can hang them out in the sun or towel dry them and they will be ready to wear in time for the next adventure.

If you want to buy a boys sandal that can be won on more formal occasions such as for a family bbq or a birthday party, we would highly recommend the Boys Chipmunk Brown Leather Velcro Sandal. It will go perfectly with shorts or trousers and jeans and is easy for your little one to get on and off without any help from you; making them feel like a big boy.

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