Don’t take your wellies for granted

Here at Shoe Zone, we like to hear about the good work that others are doing for the less fortunate in other parts of the world and this particular story was especially interesting to us and reminded us that we should never take having access to footwear for granted.

Many children in Morocco are having to rely on used pairs of wellington boots in order to get to school everyday with dry feet. A charity named Baraka Community Partnerships, which is based in Shepperton (a village based in the town of Spelthorn, Surrey) has been relying on the help of a 47 year old local lady who goes by the name of Mrs Ridgeway to collect wellington boots on behalf of the charity. She recently visited one of the projects in Morocco with her husband and daughter and realised that the children had to walk miles to get to school and sometimes in torrential rain. She tries to do something every year for the charity and this year it was “welly collecting”. Let’s hope the Moroccan children get to use their brightly pattered and appropriately designed wellies that the children from the Littleton C of E School have kindly donated.

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