Every Girls Dilemma: Flats or Heels?!

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Recently, I have been trying out some new bars and clubs in Leeds whilst at Uni. When we are getting ready, the top floor of my house suddenly goes crazy! We are talking clothes, shoes and jewellery everywhere! No matter what though, there is that one question that always gets shouted across the hallway: FLATS OR HEELS?!

The dilemma; do I wear my ridiculously high heels and let my feet pay for it the next day or sacrifice a few inches (I’m only 5’2!) and wear a pair of cute pumps? This got me thinking that everyone should have a pair of going out shoes that give you a bit of height, are mega comfortable and still look amazing! Think there is no such thing? Well I have found these brand new Black Patent Court Wedges from Shoe Zone’s ‘New Arrivals’ section that fit the bill! The midi heel on these wedges mean that I can dance as much as I want without having achy feet the next morning. The shiny patent finish looks so glamorous – perfect to wear in the evening. They are simple enough to go with almost any outfit in your wardrobe but if you’re looking for something a little more delicate, then Shoe Zone also stock them in a nude shade too so why not grab a pair of those instead! These stylish beauties have an adorable price tag of just £14.99, so why not treat yourself to both pairs!

Remember you can post onto the Shoe Zone Facebook page any style dilemmas you may have for me to answer! See you next week!

Sheena X

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