First impressions count, don’t forget to clean your shoes

It is surprising how many of you men out there forget to clean your shoes and really there is no excuse, especially since the cost of shoe care items are not to be sniffed at (just £0.99 for a tub of shoe polish). It is important that you put aside ten or twenty minutes out of your weekend’s or days off in order to give your shoe’s a bit of care and attention, besides it’s not like it is going to do you any harm.

When some men choose their shoes they expect them to last and when they don’t they become agitated and look for someone to blame which is quite often the manufacturer. Maybe if the shoes were taken care of a bit better and given a little face lift, they would be back to looking like new. Men all over the UK wear staple black or brown shoes everyday to go to work in because they look smart and are easy to team up with office/work attire, that’s not to say that the shoes are clean!

Many men who work in an office environment or in a customer facing job role would be taken to one side and pulled up on the state of their shoes if they turned up for work with scuffs, marks or even dull dirty looking footwear. This proves just how important it is to have freshly polished shoes.

With many men being out of work due to the crash in the economy once again, job interviews are attended often by eager to please unemployed men looking for a position like their last one and even if they think they have prepared well, there will be many men out there that have forgotten one of the most important aspects of the interview; the first impression! First impressions mean everything especially since you will be the one to represent the business for which you will work, so why not take some time out of your schedule to come to Shoe Zone and purchase some shoe polish and even some new laces either on-line or in store.

Don’t forget to pair you nice clean, sparkling shoes up with a smart suit, you will be well away and remember that not cleaning your shoes could be the difference between you securing the job of your dreams or going home once again feeling deflated because you weren’t offered a place.

This is serious guys, get out that cloth and boot brush and start cleaning like your life depends on it!

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