Fool proof ways to Summer success!

While the kids may be bouncing off the walls with excitement, the school Summer holidays can be a long six weeks for parents! With many mums and dads still at work, organising childcare and making time to treat the kids to some family fun can be hard work.

We have come up with a few essential tips to help you make the most of your Summer holidays (and hopefully keep you sane!)…

Plan, plan and plan some more!

Visit to the park

While having nothing to do for six weeks may seem like your idea of bliss, for kids it is an endless stretch of boredom and we all know that bored kids make for trouble! Plan an activity for each day, whether it is something big such as a day out or something small like a trip to the local park. Write on the calendar or get them to produce a holiday chart so they know what is happening. Aim to get up and get out, letting the kids lounge in front of the TV all morning will leave them feeling lethargic and you feeling irritated.

Make the most of friends

A fresh face can work wonders, so invite friends and their children round to play or meet at a local park, it is free and your kids will enjoy having someone new to play with. While inviting more kids round may seem counterproductive, letting your kids invite a friend to play will see them happily occupy themselves, and you can use the visit as a way to get them to tidy their rooms before friends arrive!

Give up on the housework!

Well, not quite, but keeping the house neat and tidy while the kids are off is a thankless task, as soon as you tidy up they are in making a mess. To help keep you sane, set yourself realistic aims, maybe that the beds will be made every day and that the kitchen will be clean. Other than that, relax your standards a little and tidy up after they have gone to bed!


Summer holidays can really put a dent in your finances, tickets for a day out can set you back the best part of £50 and that’s before lunch!

To get the most of your days, set yourself a budget and stick to it. If that means you are only going to have one day out during the holidays; make a big deal of it, if it is a trip to the zoo for example get the kids drawing animals, writing out lists of the animals they want to see or even making animal masks. Remember too, to make the most of your local area, many libraries for example run free storytelling and craft sessions over the holidays.

Know your kids

Outdoor activities

If your kids are into all things crafty, get creative yourself, dig out the recycling and challenge them to make something or why not take them to an art gallery (usually free) and get them to create something in the style of one of the artists! If your kids are full of energy, you need to wear them out so take them on long walks or stick on their wellies and head to a local stream or river to go bug hunting.

Stick to a routine

It is tempting to relax your routines over the Summer, giving you all a break from bedtime and mealtime routines, however if your children are still young, you may find that a little routine goes a long way. Kids like to know when they are being fed and a good night’s sleep is important to everyone, so try to keep meal and snack times consistent and while a few later nights are fine, remember you will need them back in their school time routine before long.

Create some memories

Family Time

The Summer holidays are great, kids get to blow off some steam, relax and play all day, at no other time in our lives do we get so much time off to do as we wish! So, creating memories they will cherish is important. Often the things children remember is the funny or unexpected thing that mummy did or the time daddy came home from work early to go to the park. Doing something unexpected and fun is the stuff memories are made of.

Get them learning!

Did you know that the long Summer break could see your children losing some of their academic skills? The first few weeks of a new school year sees teachers bringing students back up to their pre-summer levels. Of course, while we should not underestimate the learning value of spending a Summer seeing new places, making new friends and playing games, a little work over the Summer could set your kids off to a great start come the Autumn term. What’s more it needn’t be too taxing, simply encourage them to read (books, comic, magazines), get them writing; shopping lists, thank you notes or even a list of what they would like to do over the Summer and spend car journeys testing them on maths!

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