Girls flower pattern wellington boot review

Click here to view this productThis month MissB was desperately in need of a new pair of wellies and so I asked Shoe Zone if they could send her a pair to review. She was absolutely delighted when these rather lovely turquoise and pink flower wellingtons arrived. As MissB is going through a girly stage at the moment she loved the bright colours and the flowers.

Admittedly I will need to buy her a new raincoat now as they don’t exactly match but I really struggle to get MissB to take these wellies off her feet because she loves them so much.

The wellies have a practical waterproof top and toggle which means that her boots won’t fill with water whilst puddle jumping and trust me these boots have seen a lot of puddle jumping over the last few weeks. Despite walking through numerous muddy puddles, MissB’s feet have stayed dry which is all I can really ask for in a pair of wellingtons.

They also have the added advantage that they stand out from the rows of boring wellies at nursery so MissB knows exactly which are hers when going outside to play. At £9.99 I think they are great value, practical, look good and more importantly I have a happy MissB with dry feet.

By Dawn

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