Great value at Shoe Zone – by Sarah

Boots to Wear in the Cold Weather Recently I was offered the chance to select a pair of boots from the Shoe Zone website, which is my idea of shopping heaven (who doesn’t love a good pair of boots?). Now I have to admit to being a little overwhelmed at the 22 different categories that lay ahead of me.

Thinking about what I needed from my boots I narrowed my search down to ones with a wedged heel. Being somewhat vertically challenged I like to have a bit of a heel on my footwear but with still the stability I would get from wearing flats. With the weather still undecided on what it wants to do with itself, I opted for the Lilley & Skinner ankle boots with a faux fur trim.

Upon delivery I was not disappointed, slipping them on for the first time I was surprised by how supported both my feet and ankles felt. The wedge heel is described as high on the Shoe Zone site but I don’t feel that it is overly high and more than suitable for doing the school run, walking to the shops or going out with friends.

The pleated detailing to the boot adds that little bit of interest to the boot when the faux fur trim is hidden under jeans or trousers. However, when wearing the ankle boots with leggings or thick tights is when you get to show off the faux fur trim detailing. I have had a few issues with the faux fur trim catching in the zip when I come to put them on or off, however simply brushing the trim to one side with my fingers seems to solve the problem.

Priced at just £24.99 I personally think this is great value for a versatile pair of boots that will see me through the last of the Winter and through into the Spring.

By Sarah

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