How to look great on the beach

Let’s face it, the prospect of stripping down to next to nothing and hanging around on the beach can fill many of us with dread. Exposing all those parts we have spent much of the year cleverly disguising can call for some neat tricks if we are to feel comfortable.

So, if you are planning a beach holiday and want to look your best while soaking up some rays, follow our top tips on how to look great while at the beach…

Summer Feet

1. Looking good on the beach requires a little homework, putting in a bit of time now will pay dividends in the long run, so get in the habit of exfoliating every day, either with a gentle body scrub or with an exfoliating mitt. As well as getting rid of dead skin cells, it will help give your skin a youthful glow and prepare your skin for moisturising.

2. While moisturising is, for many of us, second nature, to get beach ready we need to step things up a little bit.  Try swopping your usual moisturiser for one that has a touch of self-tanner in. The beauty of these is that the tan builds up gradually, with no streaking and they avoid the chemical smell usually associated with self-tanner.

3. Think about your feet!  With loads of pretty sandals and Summer shoes around this season, getting your toes in tip-top condition is a must! Use a pumice stone every day to remove dead skin, particularly on the heels. Next, use an intensive foot cream to keep feet smooth. If you can make time for a pedicure at your local salon, do so, otherwise use a cuticle stick to gently push back cuticles, trim nails in a straight line and apply a pop of Summer colour! Hot polish colours this season include hot pink, bronze and peach tones. Finally, highlight your pretty toes by donning a pair of on-trend sandals! We like our gold woven toe post sandals with low hessian wedge and intricate plaited detailing (£12.99); the gold tone is also great for showcasing a tan!

Jelly Sandal

4. The big dilemma for many women is what to wear so that they feel comfortable and are not worrying over wobbly bits. The trick here is to find swimwear that suits your figure, for women with large busts, halter neck swimsuits work well, giving support and creating a killer cleavage. For those of us with flabby tums, opt for a swimsuit that has clever panels inside to hold your tummy in. If you would sooner hide your lower half, look out for 50’s inspired swimwear that features cute ruffle details or tie a sarong around your waist. Another easy way to make the most of your figure is to add height and while high heels are impractical, choosing sandals with a stacked heel is a perfect way to make legs look longer. Check out our on trend sandals (£9.99), the summery fuchsia pink colour is perfect for holidays and the PVC strap and wedge sole is fashion forward. Make a nod to 90’s fashion, which is enjoying a revival this season, with grey glitter heeled jelly sandals – bang on trend and just £7.99.

5. While on the beach, you will probably want to keep accessories to a minimum, so look to add a little detail with your footwear. Our black cushion walk sandals with wedge heel (£16.99) and large flower add interest and the breathable cushion insole makes them perfect for hot days. If you are looking for a bit of Summer sparkle, check out Lilley women’s black elasticated toe post sandals (£12.99), with elasticated strap detailing and diamante’s across the front and back they are perfect for the beach and in the evening.

The most important thing to remember when hitting the beach is to slather on the sun cream, use a high SPF factor to keep your skin protected, children especially will need a very high factor. Also, remember to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and above all – have a great time!

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