Let’s Get Running

Let's Get Running Hi again Shoe Zoners!

I’ve recently been to watch a friend of mine run a Half Marathon to raise money for charity. Yes that’s 10K, I didn’t believe her when she first told me she was doing it! After months of training hard, she completed the whole thing in 1 hour 5 minutes! I was so proud when I saw her cross the finish line looking as red as a tomato! Good on her!

Watching everyone talking excitedly about their times and proudly wearing their medals, it got me thinking that I would love to start running and eventually do a charity run. Now I don’t know about you, but I am not the sportiest person in the world and the only trainers I own aren’t right for running in! So first things first, what do I put on my feet! I flicked through the Shoe Zone trainer collection and was overwhelmed with choice of running shoes! I narrowed it down to these two pairs, the Mercury Sports trainers for only £14.99 in either White or Black. The bright pink stitch detailing will look super fashionable when it’s paired with a bright vest in the same colour. They look really comfortable and sturdy which is what you need when you run! Now all I need to do is pick a colour! What do you think?

Thanks Shoe Zoners, see you next week! Sheena xx

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