Little boots for little boys, our favourites

If your little boy doesn’t have a pair of boots, we think you’re exceptionally brave. It is a well known fact that little boys just love to explore, climb and get as muddy as possible which is fine if they are dressed appropriately but if they don’t have the right gear it can one big disaster.

One of the main items that a little boys needs in order to have fun, climb trees and get as dirty as possible are boots and very good ones at that. It is no good purchasing a pair of boots that will fall to pieces or let in the wet. Spend your money wisely and purchase a great pair of boots form Shoe Zone before they lose out on valuable exploration time!

Shoe Zone has a small but excellent selection of boy’s boots which are hard wearing and will keep their feet protected from the elements all year round. We have many different types of boots for many different types of boys and for many different occasions, below we have listed some boots that we think will be suitable for your little one, all you have to do is take your pick from our favourites, here they are:

1. Walkright Boys Black and Grey Ankle Boots – whilst the weather is a bit grim, why not send your little one to school in these smart boots and when the weather clears up a bit, why not pop him back in to his usual school shoes and save these for weekend adventures.

2. Boys Lace-up Boots in Tan – these boots are ideal for wet play days. They will keep your boy’s feet dry, warm and comfortable and what’s more they will look fabulous with all of his items in the wardrobe because of the soft neutral colour. They start in a size 8 and go all the way up to a size 6 so they are suitable for the older boys too.

3. Boys Black and Navy Pull on Snow Boot – ideal for these horrid snowy days we keep getting, these twin Velcro fasten boots can be easily slipped in to and pulled off in no time and if they feel a bit loose and you want to keep the drafts out, why not tighten the adjustable Velcro strap around your leg. If you are ever walking around in the dark these boots will keep your boy away from danger with their handy reflective strips which are especially helpful if you ever have to walk anywhere when day light is fading.

4. Boys Blue Space Print Wellies – do you have a space loving son or a little astronaut at home? If so these boots were made for him. He will be able to splash around in muddy puddles in his favourite pair of boots all day long. Watch him enter his own little world of aliens and space ships with the knowledge that however much he jumps around his little feet are protected!

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