Little Girls slippers

Slippers do at least three things:-

1. Stop you from banging your toes
2. Keep your feet lovely and warm and free from drafts
3. Stop you feeling the cold from hard indoor flooring

It is therefore important that your precious little princess has a pair hanging about just in-case she needs them. Here at She Zone, we make slipper-wearing fun and interesting by providing your little one with a varied range of colourful, stylish and themed slippers to choose from. She will just love going shopping for her next pair.

What makes us a better choice of shop for slippers than many other high-street stores is the fact that our prices are so low; and at times we even have offers on which enable you to buy numerous pairs for a much lower price than what it would normally cost you.

If you are struggling to decide which pair you think would be best for your little one, why not take a look at our range (either on-line or in-store) where our team of very helpful staff are just waiting to lend a hand if it is needed.

So you have chosen us to buy your slippers from, but how do you choose the right pair? This little guide is here to help: so why not take a look before you make the purchase!

Which style of slippers are best for my little girl?

Mules – these are great for the older girl who is stable on her feet and does not need as much support as a little one who has just started walking. They can be easily slipped on and off and are also great for the months that are not so cold because they allow the feet to breathe.

Booties – these are cosy and warm to wear. They will not only protect the foot but also part of the calf as well. They are bright, colourful and suitable for all ages and are available with added pompoms, tassels, ribbons and other cute additions.

Full – perfect for the tiny feet: these full-foot slippers will ensure that your little girl does not slip around in her footwear. They will help her to grasp the hang of walking and she will enjoy wearing her new slippers in and around the house. She can slip them on at any time including before and after a lovely warm bath.

Character – does your little one have a favourite television character? Is it Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty or Upsy Daisy? If so, she will love our slippers in this range. They are popular with all toddlers; and not only will she love them because they have her favourite character on the front, they will also encourage her to put on and take off her shoes by herself.


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