Masters Of Dance: Learn To Dance These Iconic Dance Scenes From Film & TV

It’s Time To Get Your Dancing Shoes On!

It’s that time of year again. Party season is looming.

We all love to celebrate, but sometimes the pressure of party season can just be too much. Not only do we have to dress up and dust off our party shoes, we might just need to think about dancing too. With shows like Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars all the rage, we’ve seen that many celebrities we thought couldn’t dance actually can! Mind you, we’ve also seen a few that really can’t. Along with them, many of us aspire to being a ballroom belle when really all we can manage is an out of time toe-tap.

You’re not alone. We’re right there with you!

It might just make us all feel a little bit better when we remember some of the most iconic (and amusing) dance scenes from film & TV. Laugh with them, and soon you’ll realise your own moves aren’t quite so bad. Learn the routines yourself and you can steal the spotlight at the office Christmas party.

David Brent: The Office Dance

Who could forget the moment David Brent tells the whole office he can dance, and launches into one of the funniest dance routines seen on TV. Pure comedy gold!

David Brent dance moves

Top Tips:

-Embrace your delusions of grandeur – carry out this dance with the utmost confidence

-Work it like the “chilled-out entertainer” that you are

-Your motto: “People see me and see the suit, but they know I’m rock and roll through and through”

The Costume:

-Office attire

-The obligatory goatee

Dancing Shoes: Cuban heels. You can still find ‘em

Neil Sutherland: The Inbetweeners Dance

Their solution to getting noticed by ‘birds’, this dance from the Inbetweeners is an on screen moment never to be forgotten. Neil’s moves are inspired…we’re just not sure what by!

Inbetweeners dance moves

Top Tips:

-Bring your mates to copy your moves badly, you’ll look even cooler!

The Costume:

-Too much fake tan, applied badly.

-Sunglasses on your head, you are on holiday after all.

Dancing Shoes: A white, box fresh pair of trainers

Ross & Monica: Friends: The Routine

Desperate to make a splash and get on TV on New Year’s Eve, Monica and Ross come up with a plan. The routine! Of course. It’s choreographed, it’s special, just right… for the outtakes!

Friends the routine dance moves

Top Tips:

-A great excuse to slap your partner – hard!

-Avoid looking foolish, just stick to the routine.

The Costume:

-Men – get Ross’s style with an oversized black sweater.

-Ladies – channel Monica with a comfortable black & gold party outfit.

Dancing Shoes: Expensive but fabulous boots, absolutely worth the money. It doesn’t matter that they actually hate your feet and want them to die.

The Prime Minister (Hugh Grant): Love Actually Dance

When they think no-one’s watching, does the prime minister really dance around no.10? Love Actually lead us to believe so, with this amusing scene from Hugh Grant.

Love actually dance moves

Top Tips:

-Just dance like no-one’s watching.

The Costume:

-A shirt with the collar unbuttoned – your working day is over.

-Trademark floppy hair is a must.

Dancing Shoes: A pair of spotless Oxfords or brogues will do just right.

Bridget Jones: Bridget Jones’s Diary: Sofa Dance

It’s the moment Bridget captured our hearts on screen, singing and dancing on her sofa to ‘All By Myself’. We’ve all been there.

Bridget Jones Dance Moves

Top Tips:

-Sofa. Done.

-Feel like an idiot? That’s Bridget all the time. You’re spot on.

The Costume:

-Your comfiest pyjamas.

-Accessorise with a (large) glass of wine.

Dancing Shoes: Your cosiest fluffy mule slippers are just the ticket.

Napoleon Dynamite: Napoleon Dynamite Dance Scene

This awkward moment never gets old. Gosh!

Napoleon Dynamite dance moves

Top Tips:

-Be sure to stand perfectly still until the music starts.

-There are so many sweet dance moves! Just follow your heart.

The Costume:

-Retro, oversized glasses.

-Vote For Pedro t-shirt.

Dancing Shoes: be prepared for anything in a pair of moon boots.

So whether you want to learn to dance like Napoleon Dynamite, David Brent or the Inbetweeners for a great party-piece, or you just want a reminder that your footwork isn’t so bad after all, we hope you’ve enjoyed our ‘Masters of Dance’ series.

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