Our Top 3 Size 13 Men’s Shoes

Do you take a larger shoe size? Are you always battling to find the right pair of shoes for the occasion or task? We know exactly how hard it can be to find men’s shoes in a size 13, especially ones that are attractive and suitable for all activities and tasks such as work and walking.

Here at Shoe Zone, we have considered what it is a man looks for in a shoe; and we have tried to base our collection on those considerations. We understand that just like men who take larger sized clothing, men who take a larger shoe size want to be able to wear the same as every other man: they want to look fashionable and on-trend.

We believe that our collection is attractive, hard-wearing and perfect for those size 13 feet. In order to help you decide which pairs of shoes might be best for you, we have devised a list of our top three size 13 men’s shoes.

Here it is: the list that will change the way you think about your size 13 shoes. We hope that you enjoy wearing them for many years to come:

Groundwork Men’s Grey Leather Lace-up Safety Shoe – not only are these versatile shoes great for serious hiking and wearing at the weekend for occasional walking; but they are also great for wearing at work if you need a shoe that will protect your feet from the hazardous of heavy machinery, slipping and tripping! They comply with BS EN345 Safety Regulations so you can rest assured that they are doing their job whilst you get on with yours. Take a look at our full collection of safety shoes and boots: all of them comply with the required safety regulations.

Mercury Men’s White Lace-up Sports Trainer – these are excellent for wearing whilst taking part in any sport; because not only do they help your performance but they look great with either joggers or shorts. They also make great shoes for weekends spent at the park with the kids, at the pub with your mates or even just pottering about the house.

Men’s Black and Grey Check Mule Slipper – every man needs a pair of slippers. Even if you think they are only going to be worn in the coldest months, it is worth buying a pair. Get them whilst you can because our size 13 slippers fly off the shelves; and why not when they are so incredibly low in price!

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