Our Top 5 Summer Shoes For Kids

The summer is many peoples’ favourite time of year, especially your children’s, mainly because they get 8 long weeks off from school. This means that they can spend more quality time with their family, play more with their friends; and at some point during the holidays, they may even be taken on holiday by their parents either in the UK or abroad.

The time that they spend at home usually consists of relaxing in the garden, messy play, visiting the park, playing with friends or simply going for a stroll in the countryside with their family. This means that your child will be spending the majority of time on his/her feet; and whilst it is nice to frolic in the sun, laugh and enjoy your time with your little ones, it is also important that whilst you are doing so, their clothing and footwear is appropriate to the types of activities you have chosen.

Nothing is more important than ensuring that your children are wearing the right footwear when they are exposed to the heat. The wrong footwear can cause blistering of your child’s feet and can also cause the feet to feel generally uncomfortable. When the temperatures soar, little feet need to breath. Having the right shoes means that your child will be able to join in with the activities that you have planned without feeling uncomfortable; and without experiencing painful common problems.

Below is a guide that we have devised, here at Shoe Zone, in order to help you choose which shoes are going to be best for your children this summer; taking into account the types of activities they will be doing.

Our top 5 summer shoes for kids:

Navy Clog – this is suitable for both boys and girls. It can be worn for almost every activity including: spending time on the beach, relaxing in the garden, spending time in the home and even for paddling in streams.

Gola Closed Toe Sporty Boys Sandal – again, this sandal is perfect for every summer time activity. They will allow the feet to breath; but at the same time keep them protected from scrapes, bangs and uneven ground. If you are looking for a shoe that will offer support to your son’s feet whilst he plays; these are the ones for you.

Girls Blue and White Striped Canvas Shoe – these shoes will look funky with every outfit including: shorts, skirts, leggings and jeans. They are very cool to wear and keep the feet protected no matter what she is getting up to. These reasonably priced canvas shoes can be worn for every outdoor activity apart from ones that include contact with water. If they were to get wet though; they would dry very quickly if left outside in the summer heat.

Girls Jewel and Bead Trim T-Bar Sandal in Black – the t-bar sandals are very good for everyday wear because they are trendy and versatile. They will keep the foot supported and protected from sharp objects on the floor; and will keep the feet cool if worn on the beach in scorching temperatures. The colour of the sandals will match most outfits and of course they can be dressed up or down depending on where you are going.

Ipanema Girls Green Toe-Post Sandal with Charm – these fantastically charming sandals will appeal to every girly girl and their mums. They are cheap and on-trend and will look great with all outfits. They can be worn for most activities but won’t protect the feet as much as the gladiator type sandals; so it is probably best to stick to sand or grass when wearing these; but of course they will make great holiday favourites!

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