Play with Texture!

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This week I wore these platform ballerina pumps in black. They have a combination of textures that make this all black shoe, super fashionable! The suede and a textured platform combined are perfect for any occasion whether it be the office or a family outing.

A hot trend that is always reoccuring around Autumn/Winter time is Leather! So I decided to pair these shoes with some black leather trousers to clash lots of different textures together. Not only is wearing all black really slimming, it is a chic and sophisticated look that can be worn day and night. Shop around for leather trousers to find the perfect shininess and fit for your style! From the high street I think these River Island ones are my favourite!

These platforms are very comfortable with a spongy sole which makes you feel like you are walking on air all day! Great if you are on your feet all of the time! What’s more, they are only £9.99! Another great bargain from Shoe Zone!

Until next time! x

2 thoughts on “Play with Texture!”

  1. I bought a pair of boots for 16.95 at milton keynes mall. The right side of the boot was faulty, I got bruises on my ankle from the pouch that was sticking out. I brought it back for a refund, but the sales personnel did not give me a refund. They said they saw no fault with it, they never worn the boots how will they know? I left the pair of boots on the counter and the receipt for them. Unkind people. So disappointed.

    1. Hi Neicia, thank you for getting in touch with us. We are sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the service you received at our store. Our customer service team would like to get in touch with you, is the email address you have reviewed with okay to contact you at?

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