Playing it safe with black? We show you how!

No matter what type of job you do, we know by experience that on the whole, every woman wants to look the part and feel comfy in their footwear. If you have the type of job that requires you to wear high heels, you will be searching for something that will have support but at the same time be attractive and highly fashionable. One style that is set to make a grand entrance into the fashion world is the “Loafer Pump”. Many people are scouring the stores for them and they are flying off the shelves already. They would look stunning if worn with the correct outfit and most certainly cannot be over dressed. A plain pair of trousers/jeans and a plain top and tailored jacket would be just perfect: anything else would be too much of a fashion over-load. These may not be everyone’s first choice, but for many working women out there, they will be the best thing since the ballet pump, as they can be dressed up and down.

For the majority of women, playing it safe with a black work shoe is much better than trying something new and getting it wrong and what’s more, many work places request that their staff wear nothing but black shoes because it looks smart and professional, but if you do get free rein then lucky you: make the most of it!

If you do have to wear plain black shoes then don’t fear because here at Shoe Zone, we have over 10 different styles for you to choose from. Every woman is different and prefers a different style. This could be because of the line of work they are in, or it could simply be because they find one particular style more comfortable than another. If you work long hours, have wide feet and are spending most of that time with your feet firmly on the floor, we suggest that you choose a pair of shoes from the Comfort Plus range (specifically the ones with a tiny heel). They will still look very smart but will provide you with that extra space that your foot craves when you have been spending the majority of the day upright. Many women have problems with their feet swelling; so by choosing Comfort Plus, you will be able to concentrate fully on your work instead of dreaming about the moment when you are able take your shoes off!

If you are the sort of woman who likes some height (even if it’s just a little lift) and does not have to worry about swelling feet or painful feet, then the Lilley and Skinner or the Lilley range of footwear might be your preferred option. They are smart, professional and versatile; they would match up superbly with a skirt suit; just as they would with a pair of trousers.

To view our full collection and try a few pairs on for size, get yourself to Shoe Zone today!

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