Practical & glam boots – by Joy

Black Calf BootsAs a mother of four boys I’m often on the go, rushing from one place to the next. What with school runs and after school clubs, I tend to stick with my old faithful comfortable trainers. It is the last chance to buy the Lilley & Skinner Women’s Black Gathered Calf Boots at only £34.99 and I’m really glad I managed to get a pair. I think as far as boots go these are really good value for money.

They are medium length black boots which have gathered detailing to the legs, strap features to the sides, stitch detailing and each boot has a double silver buckle. They have a reasonable sized heel which are a nice height to give me a little confidence, but not too high that I could not run in them. Also the heel was quite chunky, as I’m useless at even walking on stilettos. The style of the boots made me feel like I had made more of an effort with my appearance in the mornings whilst on the school run. My footwear is usually just practical (and by that I mean limited to my trainers).

Jeans with bootsI found that the boots were really practical in that I could tuck them underneath my jeans to give me that smart/casual look, and so did not look too dressy for the daytime.  I was able to walk at a fast pace in the boots and even run a little, to keep up with the boys on their bicycles. They were also really comfortable so I wouldn’t mind wearing them all day and then keeping them on to go out that night. The stylish design of the boots means that could be teamed with leggings to make them perfect for a night out. Or for those of you more body confident I think they’d even look good with a skirt! They were easy to put on and off and the inner zip fastening made me feel like my legs were really secured in place inside the boot.

I wore the boots continuously and even in the garden. The good quality material has endured everything that I have put the boots through, with the added advantage of being wipe-clean to unwanted textures (in my case mud).

I definitely think this is a bargain buy and would recommend them to any practical mother like myself, who wants to feel a bit glam.

By Joy

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