Puddle splashing wellingtons – by Joy

robot_wellington_bootThese boys navy robot print wellington boots are just perfect for handling the wet weather that you can pretty much guarantee here in the UK at this time of year. Whether that is getting from A to B, on the school run, or getting some outdoor fun. Offering great value as at only £9.99 these should last you for as long as your child’s feet fit them and offer plenty of outdoor adventures.

The robot design and coloured zaps were attractive to my 6 year old. He liked the fact that there was a big 3D robot on one side of each boot, which meant that he could determine which feet they go on without help. I think that the lighter blue edging strip around the bottom made them look morelumps_of_mud pleasing and fashionable. This is the same colour as the material around the top with helps stop anything getting in through the top of the boot by pulling tight the drawstring and toggle fastening (the string is a bit long, but not long enough to reach the bottom of the boot and cause a tripping hazard). I am sure this will please many a parent as we all know how inviting those wet (and muddy) puddles can be. Then of course the outer material is waterproof and easy to wipe clean. Even if you get big lumps of mud on them it does not matter, making them perfect for the gardening.

They are very practical as they were easy to slip on and off. We use them for wearing to and from the_bounce_testswimming lessons, as they slip on and off wet feet easier than some other forms of footwear. However, we did the ‘bounce test’ on the trampoline and they remained firmly on. They have a low heel and a grip sole, which are great for preventing slips for those boys who are bursting with energy. My son found them very comfortable with the soft textile lining inside, this is fantastic as we have previously found wellingtons to rub where the socks fall down. I think the fact that they are blue made them really practical for deciding which clothes they could be paired with – as there are not many of my son’s clothes that they would look out of place with. I am sure my 6 year old is not the only one who likes to be independent at picking his clothes out but doesn’t always get the colour coordination.

By Joy

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