Slippers can warm the heart not just the feet!

It seems like slippers are wanted and appreciated by many, even more so over the winter months.

For some residents of a nursing home named North Park Retirement Community in Cleveland, Ohio their holiday was made just a little better by a 74 year old lady named DiMassa. She learnt to crochet in 1961 for a little fun, a year before her move to Cleveland and eventually she became very efficient in it; resulting in her being extremely confident that if you wanted it, no matter what it was, she could crochet it. This included pants, booties, blankets and baby clothes.

She had wanted to crochet for a nursing home for a while so grabbed the bull by the horns and decided to set herself the mammoth challenge of crocheting 75 pairs of slippers: one pair for each resident. Of course, the residents were over-whelmed by her kindness and generosity because for some, a gesture like this was just what was needed in order to spread some festive cheer. Upon completion she hand-delivered each pair of slippers to every resident and was especially taken aback by a beautiful little old lady who was aged 109. She is now on her next mission of crocheting her next batch of slippers which will also go to a retirement home.

If you are beginning to feel your age this winter and are feeling the cold more than usual, a pair of Shoe Zone slippers will do just the trick in helping to keep you warm through the cold months. We have many pairs of slippers that are suitable for the more mature ladies, which are easy to get on and take off. Some have velcro fastenings and some are slip-on. We have fur lined slippers and slippers with a material lining and some are shaped in a “v” at the front which is particularly helpful for ladies who suffer with swollen feet and don’t think that just because they are practical, they will be boring colours: our slippers are available in different shades of red, purple, and an assortment of beige, white, blue and green.

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