Snow Boots

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This is the first time we have had a pair of snow boots and I think they are fab! They are very well lined and very soft inside whilst having a sturdy bottom half, which is made of welly boot material, to support Harvey’s feet.

The upper half is made of fabric that is roomy enough to hold the trouser legs, keeping them safely tucked away and dry. We went for a size bigger to be certain that they would fit and it was the right decision as when teamed with a thick pair of socks they fit perfectly.

The boots were easy to clean after we had been walking along muddy tracks, by simply running them under the outside tap. Harvey loves the boots and thinks that when he wears them it will make it snow – as a result he is constantly putting them on by himself, which is very easy with the velcro side fastenings and they are just as easy to take off again.

We have had no problems with the boots and I think at £14.99 they are great value for money, they are definitely better than just a pair of wellies in this cold weather. We can’t wait for the snow now!

By Kerry

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