Something for the weekend, check out our clutch bags

You may have already heard what the latest fashion is! If not, this is the place to find out. In the world of the celebs would you believe the next big thing is “gloves attached to clutch bags”. Yes you read it right, gloves that come already attached to a lovely evening bag. It does actually make quite a bit of sense (when you look at it from a keeping warm point of view, not that a mere glove would add much warmth but some is better than none when you are exposed to the elements in a tiny dress). This well thought up combination must be worn with the right outfit for the right occasion in order to maintain its popularity and we know it won’t be long before a celeb gets it dreadfully wrong and something else will take it’s place.

For now, this new trend is proving to be very popular for the likes of “How I Met Your Mother” star, Cobie Smulders and friends since her little 2 in 1 number set her back £2,200, which of course is nothing in terms of money to the likes of her, but would be a great deal to the majority of us and would take us many amounts of pay packets to save for.

Seeing as though this kind of option is out of bounds for most of us, unless of course you were one of the eager ones who managed to get to H&M in November to bag you self the Maison Martin Margiela version at just £29.99 which sold out in hours, you will be having to stick to buying a good old clutch and some posh gloves separately, but who says they can’t look just as good!?

Here at Shoe Zone we have a small but classy range of evening bags which will do you proud for an evening on the town at the weekend. Our clutch bags are available in an array of colours such as red, black and silver. What makes them even easier on the eye is the intricate detailing of pleats, bows, diamantées and knots. Our evening bags come in very popular colours so you can use it more than once and if you decide that the glove and bag look is for you, you may want to purchase a few of our clutch bags so that you have a 2 in 1 bag and glove set for every weekend outfit!

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