Spring clean your wardrobe to update your look!

SpringAs the weather starts to warm up and evenings stay lighter that bit longer, we all start to feel a bit more energised and to capitalise on this, now is a great time to spring clean your wardrobe!

Not only are the shops full of the latest spring trends, but (hopefully) those heavyweight sweaters, thick scarves and woollen dresses can be packed away to make way for lighter fabrics in zesty spring colours!

Here are our top five tips for spring-cleaning your wardrobe:

1. Set yourself plenty of time to get the job done, you need to pull everything out and really take time to scrutinise your wardrobe. Try things on and be honest with yourself, while you may love a particular item, if you never wear it because you think it doesn’t suit you, now is the time to send it to a new home!

2. Once everything is out, take time to think whether you need to add extra storage such as another shelf or space-saving storage racks for shoes. Investing in storage for scarves and other accessories not only looks better but makes finding things easier too.

3. Be realistic, if you bought something that was a size too small and two years on have still not got into it, add it to your charity shop pile, otherwise it will just make you feel bad every time you see it! Likewise, if things are too big, worn, stained or simply don’t suit you, either give to charity, recycle or do a car boot sale and earn some money for a shopping trip!

If you find parting with things difficult, put all the clothes you think you no longer want in a box and stick it away out of sight. If after a month you haven’t needed to unpack, then they won’t be missed and you should rehome!

4. Pack away clothes and accessories you will not need until winter, unless we get some unseasonal bad weather, those snow boots probably won’t see much action so pack them away and generate some space.

5. Ever noticed in clothes shops that you find tops hung above co-ordinating trousers? This is because the retailers are putting together outfits to encourage you to buy the whole look. Organise your wardrobe in a similar way, by grouping same items together; all work trousers, blouses, jeans etc., this will help you put a look together quite easily and means you won’t have to rummage through your wardrobe looking for those jeans you love.

Once your wardrobe is organised and de-cluttered you will be able to see where you are missing items. Perhaps you need a few new tops to update your work wear or sweaters to go with jeans.

Keeping up to date with the fast-paced world of fashion can be difficult; a good rule of thumb is to stick with colours, shapes and fabrics you know look good on you. Nude colours may be the trend of the season but if they leave you looking washed out, then stay clear and incorporate the trend in your accessories such as a nude bag, scarf or wedge heels (check out Shoe Zone’s range of nude coloured footwear and ballerinas in pastel shades).

Accessories are a quick and inexpensive way to update your look and here at Shoe Zone we have a great range of affordable footwear that brings together many of the key looks of the season such as Chelsea boots, canvas pumps, embellished ballerinas and gladiator sandals.  On trend footwear can give an outfit real impact and pull a look together, so if you are opting for a new look this season, check out what separates you currently have and then add new shoes to complete the look at a fraction of the cost!



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