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Our second pair of shoes arrived and again we were both excited to see what we had got. This time we were also expecting our first pair of girl’s shoes for my friend’s sister, Amie, too! I took out the boy’s school shoes and Harvey was keen to get wearing them straight away for nursery.

The shoes look lovely, smart and are very lightweight – perfect for a small boy wearing them all day. They fit perfectly and are so easy to slip on. Cleaning them is a breeze too, they simply just need a wipe with a damp cloth. Having worn them every day he has been at nursery they have suffered a little bit with slight scuffing to the toes but they are still in one piece. The photo is the shoes on our holiday at the beginning of august and you can see how good they still look after a month a nursery!

Overall I think these shoes are great quality for their price and wear-ability and I would recommend these to anyone with little boys going back to school.

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Amie had been looking forward to getting her first pair of shoes for a while and was so happy when she woke up in the morning and found them on the table. She put them on before she was even out of pj’s and into school gear!

I thought the girl’s school shoes were gorgeous; they have very pretty detail on them and look like ballerina pumps. The shoes fitted her perfectly and again easily wiped clean. Importantly, Amie could easily get them on and off herself. She said they were comfortable to wear all day for school and also loved the design.

Unfortunately, Amie is maybe too good at testing the shoes and has pretty much worn them out from constant wearing, footy playing and tree climbing – along with a dog getting hold of them! They are still wearable though and she still won’t take them off!

These shoes are of a good quality if the wearer is slightly more girly about them (and didn’t think the aim of testing was to destroy lovely shoes) I would definitely recommend these shoes to anyone with girly girls – not to someone that has 4 brothers!

By Kerry

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