Summer Sale Fever!

FamilyThe great thing about sales is how much further you can make your money go, take for example the Shoe  Zone Summer sale, a whole family (mum, dad, son and daughter), can be kitted out with new footwear all for under £35! Don’t think it’s possible? Here is how…

As we all know, if the kids are happy then mum and dad are happy too and getting kids to wear something they do not like can cause stress all round! This is why the Shoe Zone range of children’s footwear is based around things kids like, including character branded footwear, at a price and quality parents love! In the Summer sale this year you can snap up the perfect Summer party shoes for your little girl, check out Lilley white and silver sandals (£7.99), the strappy design and low cork effect wedge sole is perfect for wearing with dresses or jeans. A flower-imprinted outsole adds extra grip, so ideal for on the beach or around the poolside.

For the boy in your life add to his cool credentials with Ascot skater-style trainers now just £9.99! The camouflage detailing is sure to appeal and the black and silver colour mean they will go with anything.

For mum and dad, keeping up with the latest trends needn’t cost a fortune either, Lilley women’s studded gladiator sandals are now just £9.99, nailing both the gladiator and embellishment trend in one, they’re a must buy for Summer.  Finally, men can work the latest trend too by donning a pair of cool canvas lace-ups. Our Red Fish brand navy canvas pumps are now just £6.99!

So, for £34.96, the whole family can enjoy new footwear in the latest trends!

If the thought of hitting the sales leaves you feeling wiped out, check out our simple do’s and dont’s to help you get the most from your sale shopping experience..


Dress appropriately, shopping can make you hot so dress in layers that are easy to take off and put back on.

Consider having items altered – if you have spotted your dream dress in a size too big, a seamstress may be able to work wonders and won’t charge too much.

Plan what you are going to buy and think forward to the next season, while you may not want jumpers today, in three months you will!

Shop online, many retailers, including Shoe Zone, have web exclusive items!

Stock up on basics such as vests, underwear, tights and sleepwear, as these items are less trend driven they will be wearable for a long while.

Take a chance, sales are a great way to try new looks!


 Buy it just because it is in the sale, if it is just going to sit in your wardrobe for years it is a waste of money.

Buy it with the intention of slimming down to fit in it; it will only add pressure, best to treat yourself to something you love when you reach your target.

Forget the accessories! The right necklace or handbag can complete a look, so stock up and plan accessories to match various outfits.

Finally, when hitting the sales, make sure you know what the rules are for each store when it comes to returning items and wherever possible try things on before you buy, to avoid having to make another visit to the store if they do not fit.

Happy bargain hunting!

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