The Perfect Holiday Wardrobe

Summer Wedges Hi Shoe Zoners,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! But now that it’s over and all of the Easter chocolate has been finished (that didn’t take me long!), I began to think about what was next to look forward too. With a long and busy 6 months ahead filled with university deadlines, exams, interviews and job hunting, it was time that me and the girls thought we needed something to look forward to!

We decided to book a holiday to relax in the sun, sip cocktails and let off some steam. Even though it’s in September, this gives us plenty of time to holiday shop throughout Summer! Saying that though, all of us have already started to look for our holiday wardrobe, complete with picture messages to each other showing off our most recent purchases!

Do you have any up coming Summer break’s planned? If so, why not start looking for some holiday finds early on and grab a bargain! Shoe Zone already has a range of Summery sandals and bags on their website that I have had my eye on for a while. Now that I have my holiday booked – I finally have an excuse to buy them! Just last week, these stunning wedges popped up on the ‘New Arrivals’ page. The cork and raffia wedge says ‘Summer sun’ all over it but the golden stud detailing makes it on trend and really expensive looking! Whilst I was internet shopping (instead of doing uni work!), I came across these Christian Louboutin wedges that were identical to the Shoe Zone one’s I have picked out this week! I couldn’t believe my eyes! However I nearly fell off my seat when I saw the price tag: a jaw dropping £495! Thank goodness I found these Shoe Zone beauties, at only £16.99 they are a fraction of the price of it’s designer counterpart! You could buy nearly 30 pairs of these wedges for the price of the Louboutins! Crazy right?!

The Summery peep toe means that you can show off your pedicure too! Why not try a bright clashing colour like coral or fuchsia pink? Wear them with maxi dresses, floral jumpsuits or even denim shorts. They will go with pretty much anything in your Summer wardrobe. Oh! Nearly forgot to mention that they come in nude too! What colour will you choose?

See you next week! Sheena x

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