The right boot for the right weather

When choosing a pair of boots it is essential that you think about what they are going to be worn with, what sort of weather you will be wearing them in and whether they will match with most of the existing items in your wardrobe.

Many women have more than one pair of boots sitting at home because they like to have a pair of boots for every occasion but when the weather gets as bad as it has been in recent months it is important that you take your time in choosing the right footwear because you don’t want boots that will let the wet in or not be warm enough.

We have many pairs of boots at Shoe Zone that will enable you to face the nasty weather head on, here are some of Shoe Zone’s favourites for this time of year:

1. Womens Black Lace-up Ankle Boot – this style of boots has become very popular again in recent years mainly because it is a very practical style that will go with any item of clothing including jeans, skirts, leggings and shorts. The lace-up ankle boot will keep the wet and windy weather from getting to your feet and is comfortable enough for you to wear all day long. This particular boot also comes in red for those days where you fancy adding a bit more colour to your out-fit.

2. Softlites Womens Black Qulited Pull On Boot – trendy, practical and comfortable to wear, this Softlites boot is designed especially for those bitterly cold, wet and very snowy days. Not only will they keep your feet warm and dry but they will look perfect with leggings and skinny jeans and for that extra bit of class they are finished off with the classic fur trim along the top of the boot. Alternatively if you fancy this boot in brown rather than black you could always opt for the Softlites Women’s Brown Quilted Comfort Boot which is very similar to the black boot but as well as the fur trim just being along the top of the boot it is along the top and down the sides.

3. Earth Spirit Women’s Brown Leather Ankle Boot – if you want to purchase a boot that is a bit smarter than the Softlites mentioned above, of great quality and not so high in the leg this Earth Spirit style will suit you down to the ground. This particular boot can be worn in bad weather conditions such as rain or sleet but should probably not be worn in deep snow because they only come to the ankle. They are very fashionable and handy for popping on with jeans for activities such as light dog walking, a spot of shopping or going to the park.

4. Lilley and Skinner Women’s Black Plait High Leg Boot – coming out of winter and in to spring means that you will be searching for a boot that lends its self to a little more elegance and perhaps less practicality but that still keeps your feet away from the wet. If this sounds like the sort of thing you are searching for right now, the Lilley and Skinner Plait High Leg boot is for you. Being high in the leg it will of course still protect you from the odd bit of unpredictable weather and whilst doing so it will keep you looking trendy and fashionable in work or play as spring approaches.

With Shoe Zone’s incredible amount of choice in the ladies boot range, you are bound to find the right boot for the right weather!

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