The rising costs of raising kids!

Kids are Expensive

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As any parent will testify, raising children is not easy and it certainly is not cheap! In fact, in the 10 years since 2003, the average cost of raising a child to 21 has risen by 58% to a staggering £222,458!* And it’s easy to see why, gone are the days when children had only a few toys to choose from, one set of Sunday best and a few ‘playing out’ clothes. These days children have wardrobes their parents envy, and stacks of toys to choose from to help develop everything from imagination to social skills.

While we all want the best for our children, the financial burden can be overwhelming, with 66% of parents** feeling like they cannot afford any more children.

One way to help ease the financial pressure of raising children is to shop smart. Take footwear for example, children between the ages of 1-4 will, on average, move through two shoe sizes per year, but this doesn’t mean they will only need two pairs of shoes. In fact, they will need wellies, trainers, shoes, slippers, winter boots and sandals for the summer! That is a lot of footwear! By shopping smart however, parents can ensure their children have everything they need without breaking the bank.

Shoe Zone is synonymous with value, but did you know that its prices are actually inflation busting?  Back in 2003, the average pair of back to school shoes was an unbeatable £10.46, by the rate of inflation in 2013 that same pair should cost parents £13.80, but thanks to Shoe Zone’s commitment to value, this year, on average, school shoes cost just £10.66 a pair!

So how can Shoe Zone manage to offer such fantastic prices across its children’s wear range? The answer is volume, with more and more parents recognising the value and quality Shoe Zone offers the company is able to buy in greater bulk, reducing costs and passing these savings on to the customer.

Of course, not everything is about price; a priority for parents is that their children have footwear that promotes healthy foot development. Thankfully, the Shoe Zone in-store teams are fully trained in measuring and fitting children’s shoes; checking the right amount of space around the foot is available and ensuring the heel does not slip. For parents with reluctant shoppers on their hands, each store features a handy at-a-glance guide to average shoe size per age range, meaning parents can shop for footwear without the child and try them on at home. With a 90-day returns policy, many parents find this very useful.

If you are measuring you child’s feet yourself, here are some top tips:

1. Measure both feet while the child is standing

2. One foot will probably be bigger; this is the size to go with

3. Using your thumb, measure from the end of the toes to the end of the shoe, there should be around half an inch to allow for adequate growth and comfort

Let’s face it, children can be fussy, and despite the great price, durable design and quality materials, if Shoe Zone’s range of children’s footwear didn’t look right, kids would be the first to complain!

This is why the Shoe Zone buying team have worked hard to bring designs to store that will satisfy even the smallest fashionistas. Features such as easy fasten straps, coated leather and toecaps for added durability, along with cute designs help to please both parents and kids.

This winter sees not only purse-friendly prices, but more lines than ever before across the children’s range, and with winter boots starting at just £9.99 for fashion forward designs, every child can be dressed to impress this winter.

There are also a range of character designs available, including favourites such as Fireman Sam and Hello Kitty as well as online exclusives from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and JCB.

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