We help you to recreate the country classic equine style!

The traditional country classic equine style is evidently here to stay and as a result, is dominating our clothing stores and shoe shops nationwide. People just can’t get enough of tweed jackets, neutral coloured jeggings and general “equine inspired” fashion. One of the most important aspects of this style is the footwear; so of course, many people will go to great lengths in order to find their dream boots which will allow them to recreate this timeless style perfectly. Many individuals will spend hundreds of pounds just to complete their outfit, but as you will learn by shopping with Shoe Zone, this is not necessary.

Shoe Zone will help you recreate this much-loved style effortlessly and it might please you to know that none of our pairs of boots are over £50; so you don’t have to spend a fortune: unlike when you shop at other popular high street shoe shops.

Our cheap, but beautiful boots will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe and will last you for years to come. They are not only perfect for all weather types but they are versatile and traditional; making it easy for you to pair them up with almost any item of clothing in your wardrobe for example; skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, knee-length skirts, short skirts and even floaty summer dresses.

Most of our customers prefer their riding boots to have a slight heel but, if you prefer to have a little more lift, then we have riding boots with a “low heel” which is just a little bit higher than the slight heel and depending on what purpose you are buying them for, will greatly influence the style that you choose. Here at Shoe Zone, we have tried to give you a vast range of choice; including those that are detailed with fur trim, those that have a buckle fastening, zip fastening and those that slip-on with little fuss and trouble.

Our prices vary largely depending on which brand of boot you choose: for example, a couple of pairs of our riding boots in the Lilley and Skinner range are slightly more expensive than those in the “Zone” collection; so it is purely up to you to establish what style and design of boot you are looking for and how much your budget will stretch to; but don’t worry if your budget seems meagre, we can guarantee that we will fix you up in no time.

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